Thursday, 22 December 2016

InWorldz Homelands - Tikaboo Mesa InWorldz Plus!

"Skating at Tikaboo Mesa Seasons Greetings to all you fantastic Tikaboo Mesa peeps. In Tikaboo Public Park we have a holiday cart with hot chocolate, hot dogs and next to it free ice skates. Why ice skates? Well... this little neck of the IZ river has frozen over, so it's a perfect time to come out and enjoy some tunes, skate with friends, family and loved ones. Winter hangs around in Tikaboo Mesa until the end of January, so feel free to enjoy for the next many weeks to come. (((hugs)))" ~Moonrise Azalee #InWorldz

Credit Images by © #RigTorok


  1. Beautiful pictures Rig, thanks so much for showcasing Tikaboo Mesa!

  2. My pleasure Moonrise. You are doing awesome work on that InWorldz Plus region!


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