Friday, 2 December 2016

InWorldz - 3 Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights - rigtorok

#InWorldz Abstract of Times Square New York by rig torok
"This highly creative design by rig torok includes 2d photos and art displayed on a landscape of abstract buildings of Times Square in New York as well as 3d artwork.  His usage of light, water, and water reflections add to the stunning effect of this artistic "through the artist's eye" look at the world around us. As you walk the pathway enjoying the art be sure to grab the free gift.
Other features include a Gallery of Light and a Gallery of Game of Thrones.
Words cannot amply describe this exhibit, you just have to experience it for yourself.  Some of the effects created simply took my breath away... absolutely stunning"!! ~EC
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

InWorldz - 2 Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights - Nyx Breen

"Walk down the path to the entrance lined with crystalline ice trees and snowmen, then walk through the ice archway and grab a pair of free skates at the Russian ice gazebo.  Skate your way through this collection of architecture, sculptures and artwork representing various countries and cultures surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains and wintry waterfalls.
Some of the features include:  China Town gate, Celtic house, Persian tea house, Victorian pavilion, Ice pagoda, Celtic Crosses, and icicle covered gates laced with delicate snowflakes.
In the center of the sim is a beautiful moving sculpture of ice dancers.  Nyx has certainly captured the essence of our "Sleigh Ride Around the World" theme in this well designed exhibit". ~EC
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

InWorldz - 1A Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights Large Walkable Map

#InWorldz Large Walkable Map created by Drew Hunter

"Drew has created an interactive way for you to see what each sim offers in the form of a map.  Each prim represents a sim and will include some note cards with information about the creators and a brief description of each of the sim builds as well as a tp button to take you to each sim.

If you just want to take a quick overview of all the sims, Hop on one of the many sleighs around the sims to take a sleigh ride tour.  You can ride through each sim and get nice views, but do be sure to come back to each one for a more detailed look and thoroughly explore each sim as there are many details, fun activities and hidden gifts you will  not want to miss". ~EC
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

InWorldz - 1 Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights for 12/1/2016

"What better way to start off explorations than to visit the areas which enable you to see what is available on all the event sims.  We have several ways you can begin your explorations.
Start off an exploration of the Winter Fest sims and builds by visiting our:
"#InWorldz Events Welcome Sim":

Moontan Valeeva has created a beautifully winter landscaped sim which is both welcoming and informative.   Here you will find Winter Fest information posters along with tp location boards for each of the many sim builds on our Event sims.  You can browse the boards to see which of your favorite creators have contributed to the event sim builds and see a sample picture of each build.  There is also a skating pond and some free skates for you to enjoy.
 Moontan has also created a sim tour. Just click on the sim tour sign and it will take you to one of our Winter Fest sim builds.  Each sim has a tour sign that will take you to the next sim.
If you prefer walking, follow the red arrows to the bridge which leads to the outer land sim builds.
Or Take a sleigh ride tour around all the sims which was set up by aminata potez in a well crafted sleigh created by Wolf Hartnell which is powered by.. you guessed it 6 reindeer :) .  Just sit on the sleigh and use your arrow keys to move it as you go from sim to sim exploring.
There is also a tp to the Winter Fest 2016 -
Walkable Map.  Click the tp and you will be transported to this large walkable map created by Drew Hunter." ~EC
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

InWorldz - Winter Fest 2016 Begins!

"We begin our Winter Fest by celebrating the wonderful community of creators in InWorldz who have designed some fabulous winter/holiday/"Sleigh Ride Around the World" builds, art and exhibits for everyone to explore, experience and enjoy.   During this first week we will be highlighting some of these sim builds each day as we highly encourage you to visit each and every one of them". ~EC
Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights for #InWorldz Toys-For-Tots
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